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  • Math Application & Problem Solving

  • STEM curriculum & technology focused

  • Hands on experimental Learning

  • Fun, creative and much more . . .


Learning Through Robotics offers interactive learning using “hands on” material and equipment. Elementary and middle school students who like to do engineering subjects, maths, and sciences will love our classes because of the interaction they will have with several types of robots. 

They will actually build mini robots using building models, attaching sensors  and motors that are plugged into a computer and configure its behavior using a simple programming tool developed by world’s leading research institutions and robotic companies.

We have STEM focused programs and weekly classes in elementary and middle schools, Home-school programs, After-school programs in Robotics Centers, International Robotic Competitions and Summer Camps.




Our Contact Information:  

Phone:     801-717-7410

Address:  363N University Ave (Ste 101), Provo, UT 84604  

Email:      roboticsutah@gmail.com 

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Who We Are

Learning Through Robotics partners with global STEM education curriculum leaders to teach and reinforce STEM concepts through “hands on” activities using robotics technology.  


The Challenge

In contrast to math curriculum in the United States, the curriculum of Asian countries with high achieving math students includes a high percentage of hands-on math application that captures the imagination and interest of children.  A 2009 Purdue University study found that hands-on interactive projects were the best way to get students interested in engineering and technology at an early age as opposed to the traditional lecture and textbook method.  How can the United States incorporate some of the hands-on and “problem solving” focused curriculum effectively without burdening teachers with additional training?  The simple answer is through a program like Learning Through Robotics that has curriculum and equipment that reinforces without replacing what is already in-place.  


The Program

Our lessons can be aligned with school’s math curriculum including Utah Common Core.  We offer in-school and after-school programs starting as early as 3rd grade and going up to the 8th grade level.  Students learn math and science concepts in their regular classes and reinforce the application and their understanding during the same week in a STEM class.  Students build mini-robots using models, sensors and servo-motors that are plugged into laptops equipped with several types of programming languages to program the robots’ behavior.  Robotics equipment used are from leading research institutions and robotic companies.


Best Practices & Findings

According to studies conducted by Tuft University, “Mindstorm Robotics has helped students studying math: 17% increase in student understanding of math concepts, 15% increase in student awareness of real-life situations using math, and a 13% increase in student self-confidence in math. Additionally, students showed a 100% increase in the particular concept of stable polygons taught and a 33% increase in student interest of pursuing a career that uses math to solve problems or situations.”


We have after-school programs in several private, charter, and public schools.

We hope to make this unique program available to all students in Utah!







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